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when i close my eyes...

I had the weirdest dream this morning. Maybe thats what I get for finally having the ability to fall asleep. I dreamt that I was back home reunited with my old friend Gabrielle from high school. She ended up inviting me this fetish party that she was going to that night. Of course, I was all about it. When we first walked in the party, all we saw was snacks laying out for the guests, but no guests. As we ventured further into the house we find two people tied up in a tiny room with no furniture. they were not only tied, but most of their bodies wrapped in a red cotton-ish material. As we walk further through the house, we find more and more of these people tied up. Actually, everyone that we came across seemed to be that way. Finally, one of the girls mouths wasnt binded, and she just kept screaming rape and that she and everyone else in the house had been raped. We all start to run out of the house and then the man who had been doing this to all the girls came running behind us. And of course, he was after me first. I grabbed a plaque of some sort and held it up to him as he came around the corner, but somehow he thought of grabbing one as well. But, mine had a huge nail coming out the back of it, so I held onto it as I ran. I ended up shoving it into him, but the nail wasnt long enough to do any real damage. He grabbed me and I started begging and pleading for him not to do this. I ended up telling him all sorts of shit to let him set me free, and I took off running. Then I woke up. The dream has just brought back so many memories that I would rather forget. This is probably going to make my day miserable and its sad that a dream can do that.
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