Rachel (tie_me_up_now) wrote,

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contemplating what you mean to me

i was awake at 3 this morning because i was really fucking sick. one thing goes away and something else seems to take its place immediately. i dont get it. anyways i went online, because i couldnt sleep. a so called friend of mine decided to ask me if i could get her drugs for some cureable stds that she has. she told me that she was finished spreading these stds to "some pricks that deserved it". my jaw dropped. i can understand revenge and getting it on certain people, but i dont think she really thought this one through before she put her plan into action. your revenge not only affects these "pricks" but also the sluts they sleep with. and i know for a fact that i have slept with one person that she has slept with. i doubt i have slept with anyone else that she has, because i havent really slept with that many people and even less that she knows. but i just dont know if i can assosiate myself with someone that knowingly does shit like this.
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