Rachel (tie_me_up_now) wrote,

dangerous liaison

yesterday when i was at the doctor the lady was going to take x rays. i didnt have to change into a gown because i was wearing scrubs so i had no zipper and i dont wear a bra, so i didnt have to worry about the metal in the snap. then my friend natasha reminds me that i have to tell her about my piercings. when i told her i had my nipples pierced i got the most disgusted/confused look i have ever gotten in my life, from this lady. and now when the dr. sees the xrays im sure i am going to get more shit from him. should be interesting to say the least.
she was also asking me about any impacts i may have had. falls, car accidents, injuries. so i had to tell her everything i could remember. i am so accident prone and fall quite a bit since my balance is completely off whack. ive been in two car accidents and had 3 concussions. as i was telling her everything, i almost asked her if masochism would count as an impact. being thrown up against the wall and well....you get the picture. probably not a good idea to throw that out there.
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