Rachel (tie_me_up_now) wrote,


if you dont want me around, just tell me.
dont flip out on me.
i care about you so much i cant even put it into words.
and some of the things you say to me really fucking upset me and almost bring me to tears.
if you are trying to push me away, then you just might succeed. but that is the last thing that i want.
all i have wanted for a long time is just to spend time with you and be close to you and hold you and talk and have a good time.
im sorry that i am a good friend to someone who needs one right now. so if she wants to do something, then i try to make her happy in any way i can. just like i would do for you.
but strangely enough i never get the same in return from anyone. and i dont know why i even do it anymore. i guess the fact that i am sick and dont know how much longer i will be around makes me realize that i want to do some good with my life for however long i am here. im sorry i am trying to be a good person. but i guess you cant see the good in me or anyone else. maybe i deserve it.................
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